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Identification and you will class away from recombination situations when you look at the drones

Because of the researching the brand new genotypes out of drones with the one or two phased haplotypes of king, we become mosaic drone chromosomes where genotype stops change between a couple of haplotypes of your own queen. Cut-off length 's the physical interval ranging from a couple of prevent markers off it cut-off. Cut-off switching will be the result of sometimes CO otherwise gene conversion process. As with early in the day knowledge [8,45] almost all of the system lengths out of gene conversions was much more less than ten kb; i look at this a secure upper sure. That's we establish blocks comprising ?ten kb because the result of gene sales (together with CO-relevant gene sales and you will NCO gene sales), if you are stops that have period >ten kb try known as CO situations. To check to have robustness we also working a number of threshold range from just one to 20 kb having CO and you can gene conversion (Profile S5 inside Extra file step one). We in addition to have a look at a higher limit away from 100 kb.

Which is, in the event the 1 and you can 2 portray the 2 maternal haplotypes, the new king are:

To define if gene sales situations is actually associated with the crossing-over or maybe more probably the result of NCO situations, we consider the genomic framework of your own sales skills. If the a great CO enjoy keeps a connected nearby gene transformation next i expect around as that high block (new CO event) with upstream otherwise downstream of, several next short blocks close to each other.